Curiosity. Particles. Physics. Mystery.

Universe as we know, is expanding.

How? Never seem to care?

The majestic limit of imagination and its creativity lies in the wonders of the universe. From the ancient sand houses of time, to a popular sky-scraper, there is no end to imagination. Each imagination has its own significance. The big bang theory gives us the picture of the time, and the origin of the earth after vast transformations. The universe is made of infinite galaxies and each galaxy of infinite stars and planets. There are not just electrons, protons and neutrons in the Cosmo but a lot new range of different matter particles known as Baryons and Leptons, and anti matter particles.

A lot of research has been conducted at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), in Geneva where huge detectors and accelerators add to breathtaking research to detect Higgs Bosons (which are also known as God Particles) in fundamental particle physics and cosmology. There is FERMILAB in Illinois in USA, where astrophysicists, particle physicists and scientists work in defining what the future beholds. These detectors at CERN have already reached a milestone of accelerating the particles in the detector nearly at the speed of light, once it is achieved that these particles reach the speed of light, it will prove the Einstein’s ¬†relativity theory wrong and will change the shape of Quantum Physics in determining the origin of the universe.

Are the extra dimensions then the ones we know? Does universe behaves as a hologram? There are never-ending questions in this field of research which not only fascinates scientists but a common follower of science and technology. These questions will define how the world will look like in 2050 be it at the cosmic frontier or by the string theory approach. The scientists are at quest to determine how is the universe came into existence and what are the driving forces behind the dynamics of the space. It will not just be a blot on that misconceptions of beliefs and faiths, but will question the existence of what we call GOD? Well, I think it will never be easy, but curiosity leads to the truth. This will encapsulate the mysteries and secrets in the dark energy, dark matter or the dark universe.

Only time will tell. 


Time is to live.

Each time is one time. 

Time, as we know is the most relative concept. No one has ever barred away from it or surpassed it. It’s an opportunity for some, perception for others and pivotal for many. In economics, it’s a resource and in Business, its money. Since the ancient times, time has been the source of observation to all the philosophers, artists, inventors, sailors, scientists and businessman. From the probability to mystery to technology, it has always been the frame of reference.

How do we know how much time we have?

When will the clock stop ticking?

Is the world going to end?

Do we actually know if today is the last day?

These questions hovers around in the common minds, and most of us pass time in searching more in the quest. People are so busy in their own race with time and work. We debate, quarrel, play and wish on almost everything that is trending and forget about what we actually want with time. I believe, time is to live against all those odds which we face and all the solutions we come up with. It’s a cycle. There are good ones and bad ones almost same for everyone. The knowledge lies within oneself and not in the books.

We, humans are so well versed with deadlines, if we set a deadline of when are we doing to die, we will be more productive and effective in our lives. So one free suggestion out of expression, set a deadline for yourself and then continue with the normal.