Michigan Diaries: Transition and the First post

You just can’t get enough of the early days of a place you’ve never visited before. Its almost 12 days since I reached US to start a new journey and the excitement is still on. Firstly, Boston for a week at a distant relative’s place and then the anticipated Ann Arbor to attend University of Michigan’s Masters of Entrepreneurship program involving Ross School of Business and College of Engineering. 

It always takes time to setup things in a new place. But, the transition has been really smooth because of distant selfless friends living here. I couldn’t be more grateful to them, for they prevented me from the underlying homesickness that comes in the early few days. Settling down is an important virtue to be productive and get going! Hence, I couldn’t stop myself enrolling in the Ross’s Kresge Library and subscribe to the book The First 90 days by Michael Watkins. A book on accelerating transition and implementing set rules to achieve the maximum in the first 90 days of your career transition. 

The city of Ann Arbor is indeed beautiful and home to the University of Michigan. The university employs the maximum number of people in Ann Arbor, almost 35000. The University is comprised into three campuses: Central, North and South. Few iconic buildings that I have been too are the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, which is the most sustainable green building of a business school and the majestic and Hogwarts lookalike Law Library (the place I am writing this post from). This library is the most quietest place on the campus of more than 20,000 acres spread and I cannot stop writing! 

I will be starting a blog-post series of my experiences and take-backs from the program and keep posting it under a new tab. I will enjoy my weekend till I start my Orientation and Bootcamp tomorrow. See you soon! 


When to start?

Most often, we are in a situation that we need to start working on something, but never actually care to do it until you find a source of inspiration from someone else. I planned to blog everyday a year back, but finally 2012 heard it. Having an idea for something, and working hard for it is the simplest fundamental to achieve something you have envisioned of. We, the youth have a lot of ideas, but lack dedication. Being one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, we do carried away by the shenanigans of life and its situations, that what we actually want to do is left somewhere and we are far ahead. An idea always takes its course, until its adapted and implemented. Startups are called startups from the identification of its core DNA, until the first few years.

So, today I recall myself, do I still need more inspiration to start? Or be the inspiration for others? When to start?

The answer I know, The Time is Now.