The Rat Race

Life as we know, is a race. A race to approach the repertoire of dreams, accentuate the anomaly, understanding the dynamics of the running world and surviving through the fattest of all psychologies and culture. But, most of us run behind the things which are immaterial to what we actually want. We see, interact, discern and conclude without an over-thought. Do all of us follow our passion, the thing which makes us smile and the zenith we want to scale? The answer is Almost No.

History has meant it and believed it that one should follow their heart, no matter what and there lies the true satisfaction. But, it’s just a one ear-to-another ear-to the world again phrase. We belong to the commons, and we will stay in the commons. Until and unless, we are not usually eccentric in our thoughts and work. We are the common rats, and we will run like one until we realize that Money Making is not an attribute of differentiation, but a trait. This is one confusion of the mass. Situations and consequences makes some un-follow their dream and go to the path of survival. But, just as we remember everyone is same but different.

Just when I was talking to a friend over a lazy afternoon book-reading session, he just as well remarked ” Even if we win a rat race, we will still remain the rats“. We laughed in unison.

I am no one to inspire. But, I can definitely point out and hold a voice. This might help. Self-discovery runs in silence than in words. Make your own examples and create an example, which might as well be in the Rat Race to self discovery. Be what you are. And do what you want to do.