The Need-finding process

If you are an early stage startup or someone who’s working on developing an idea to a real product, it’s time you find out what is the need that your idea or product is going to solve. A lot of startups and organisations start to solve a problem before looking for the need in the market. That’s where most of the startups fail to distribute their products efficiently in the market without knowing what the customers actually need.

Working on the short-term need keeping the long-term need into the picture is the way to develop the product. That is a constant, dual and parallel innovation process for early stage startups or companies launching new products. And it works well with almost all the sectors and industries you are pertaining to.

So lesson learnt in the Creativity and Design class is to frame, record, organise and reframe the need of the customers and make your product fit to those needs.


Mood Swings by Light Le Productions

Me and friend always thought of making a short film over our tenure of five years graduate program. But, due to our constant procrastinations and distractions, we could never make one. Now, the graduate program is coming to an end.

Finally, we made one. Alas!

Coding: The new way of thinking

Today, the world is a boiling pot of data, softwares and codes flowing through the internet. Through these codes startups/companies prototype, design, create and build their disruptive technologies which change the way we communicate with the world. Coming from a STEM background has helped me understand the basics of software and applications, as it gives one the way to think structurally and logically. As, I am pursuing my master thesis project applying an effective tool LABVIEW for building algorithms to extract electrical, mechanical and optical properties of  different devices, the exercise has helped me structure my thought processes algorithmically. Thinking structurally is the need of the hour creative thinking.

Recently, we might have come across the video which went viral from stating the importance of coding in our lives. If you haven’t seen it, I am sharing it here. It explains the need of coding in our lives as we are continuously linked to it in our daily lives through social network, interactive devices and computers.

Also, I have come across an informative TEDx talk from the CEO of FirstRain, Penny Herscher who explains how coding has helped her achieve what she has achieved in her life and its underlying importance in the time we live in.

Though, we know what we are capable of. It’s just an afterthought of what you can build and impact this world many folds like never before. Coding is definitely the new way of thinking, if not boring. 

When Ideas generate Pulses.

Sometimes, we go through an intriguing phase of determining something which we always wished to do, irrespective of the background we belong to. Ideas are like the fitting moments that passes, until we don’t realize it. It not just lead to sleepless nights, but also fuel some pulses in the wired brain. Here are few tips, how to catch hold of these ideas which might just change our lives,

1. Ideas are crazy, do not get paranoid and pass: Sometimes we come across something bizarre, and the left skull won’t mind to pass. Remember, the best ideas in life have come from unexpected and weird places. Think again, do not pass. There is just a difference of one idea between you and rest of the world.

2. If you are into something else, take a pause: If you are doing something else, and you get inspired from a moment. The best thing to do is to leave everything what you are doing and take a pause. For the first time, it won’t make sense. But for the second, third and so on, it will definitely make much more sense of what you’re thinking. I was sleeping when an idea crossed my mind, around 3 AM in the morning, I suddenly got up and noted it down in my laptop.

3. Search for a paper, note it down: Though, this can be a tedious and boring task to do, but writing an idea on a paper will give a direction to the idea and make it more credible to conceptualize. One of friend suggested me of doing this, and it definitely helped me.

4. Nothing is too big or small: Most often people lose an elevating opportunity in terms of its scale and scope. Remember, the best ideas has just solved a single core problem and then modified around it for value additions. No idea is too big or small. The vision and the courage is a differentiator from a good idea to a bad idea.

5.Dont stop dreaming: Dreams are possibly the best creative and accurate workplace for humans. The best ideas come in dreams and it just sometimes solves a purpose. Though subconsciously, our brain is always on the go. Don’t lose out on dreams. Our duty is to fulfill it or live it.

A picture of a lightbulb is often used to repr...

Let the pulse be with you.