Mood Swings by Light Le Productions

Me and friend always thought of making a short film over our tenure of five years graduate program. But, due to our constant procrastinations and distractions, we could never make one. Now, the graduate program is coming to an end.

Finally, we made one. Alas!


One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I. 

When you’re at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul. 

Nothing is as best, when you are 21.

You are young, wild and free.

Something which I made on a cool iPad Application.

It describes the 21-year-old outlook and its shenanigans I lure upon.

A Piece of Paper

As the clock struck past thirty minutes to seven, I approached the tutor who just left the class with a spellbinding session on English Usage and Vocabulary. I introduced my blog to him, and asked him for a topic to crib upon. In a fitting second, he tore a piece of paper from a book and gave it to me. And this left me baffled for a moment with a subject I can creatively ponder upon.

A Piece of Paper 

What does a piece of paper mean to all of us? Metaphorical or hyperbolical?

For some its an unfulfilled dream. For some a leadership style. For some a factoid. But for many, it was living.

Piece of paper is a symbol of creating history. Today, the essence of paper is soft-pedaled due to the emerging work-flow on the internet and the discovery of manmade machines. All the ancient scriptures, manuscripts, inventions and stories are made on this finest invention of the Chinese. Without it, the world would not have been more compact. The world’s best poetries were written on that piece of paper in the woods, or in the dark. It has an impact which is far-lived and implausible. A best piece of paper is often a rare piece of art and thoughtfulness. It is a tool, not just for those creative heretics, but for the commons.

A dream is not broken, until it’s not lived. A piece of paper symbolizes dream which is not lived. I believe, until and unless we don’t put in enough efforts to live it, we are like that torn piece of paper. As we say nothing is rewritten, but pre-written. With that one piece, we can make destiny dance over dreams.

Leadership is a behavior which is observed and experienced by many. Be it small or big. A piece of paper is a piece, even if its big or small. Just like it, leadership is like that piece of paper. Some have more stories to the journey, and some just enough to inspire. Leadership is not just leading by choice, but by example. A piece of paper is a simple epigram to those journeys based on values and leadership without complexities.

A factoid is an information bowl shared and exchanged from nations to companies to individuals. It is an agreement, a bond, a policy, an article and a shredded trash. A piece of paper is thus a utility for the commons, and a more day-to-day necessity. Be it anything, anywhere.

When I talk about living, ask the ones who have lived their heart out on a novel, a book, a prose or a poetry which instigated revelations and revolutions. To those ancient messengers, an eighteenth century poet, a twentieth century architect or a nineteenth century infamous sci-fi novelist, they know how understatement a piece of paper is. That was a living worth the dime, and for the dime. It has created almost everything and anything we see around. And we know that life’s simple inventions has created the best discoveries. That is living, by that piece of paper, and for that piece of paper.

Just so that we don’t make a satire out of sarcasm, we can add meaning to it ourselves.

One important task to do : Take an A4 Size paper, and list down all the words which you want to live, or experienced before. And then encircle it if lived. And then see a story taking over. You never know, if history has it.

I have been doing it myself and I love it when I glance it each morning. The feeling makes me want to experience more and live more.

We, the silent travelers.

Recently, I was in Mumbai for National President’s Meeting of AIESEC in India and the times of the closing terms discussing and planning the BHAG for AIESEC India for 2015. You have to end something and complete the circle until to make a journey worthwhile  and smile till the end. That was the time, I realized I did learn so many things from this student-run organization and it was one phase of my life which I am never going to forget and nothing to regret about. And that’s where the silence begins.

After spending an hour at the golden lights necklace, popularly known as the Marine Drive in Mumbai, I realized that some dreams doesn’t end, but always carries forward with a hope and disambiguate reasoning. Only, there was a high effect of a place, which I came from an hour before. I went to Prithvi Theatres in Mumbai for a play called “The Water Station” which was a two hours muted play from an award-winning Japanese Playwright with just flowing expressions over that aberrant night. The nostalgia and effect of it lasted the whole dark night. The play was about the power of silence. The play started with a lady slowly and slyly walking towards the water tap, and the water tipping was the only sound heard. It took seven minutes for that lady to come to water tap for quenching her thirst. And then followed the other 18 travelers from different walks of life to that water station with a purpose, which was love, hate, thirst, longing, fear and then finally leave. And that is exactly, what the purpose of life is. We are the travelers. There are always multiple journeys we belong to and make memories around it. This play had a long-lasting effect on my thoughts, which dove me into a philosophical pool.

Just so we know, humans talk for about average of 2 hours in a day and other time of the day we are always silent, sometimes from within. That means, 90% of our life is spend in silence and that is where power comes from. We come, meet, create, mate and then ultimately leave with that silence in us always. And that is the fact which people spend their lifetime realizing it until their deathbed. And that is where I understood how journeys are made and beliefs captured.

Just when I realized, I have played my part in something which I joined when I was 18 ended up being the president of the local chapter of AIESEC, I realized it was end of a journey worthwhile and we are the travelers lived with different emotions. Ultimately, the experience is what it matters and not the outcome. We are all survived travelers until we reach our destination.

With that note, a smile is all what is needed. To leave. To stand up. To pack the bags. To reach new places. And discover new dimensions. We have to believe it, silence is not just peace, but progress.

The passing thought.

One fine mid-night in the cold december, I took my DSLR and the tripod and went to the surrounding main road near my apartment. Over a conversation with a young 19-year-old gatekeeper, I made this video with sheer selflessness and a passing thought reign my head that time.

And that day I might have changed one life as I almost convinced the young gatekeeper to leave the job and go back to his city and take up education. Education I believe is the most integral and the effective demographic in country’s economic development and growth. And illiteracy is the cause of all evils in the Indian Politics as well. And he understood it well. The talent is misunderstood in India, just because of the lack of Indian subsystem parameters. I believe one day the 1.2 Billion Indians attain the basic education and then we will actually be developed.

This video shows a passing thought on a night with a simple yet lucid experience over a fluttered dream. A little bit stretched for the feel of it, as dreams I know are the most accurate creations in the intricacies of the human brain.

Share. Enjoy.