Startup Resources

Some resources, which I came across over years of reading about startups on the web and physical books. Here’s the comprehensive list, which will be updated every month.

The most popular Personal Blogs on Startups: 

Must Read Blogs on Venture Capital and Startups: 

Country- wise Famous Blogs on Startups: (Arabic Countries ) (Arab countries) (China) (Korea) (Singapore) (Estonia) (Nordics) (Formerly known as, India)

Some more blogs on the web you might want to check: 

Anita Campbell’s award-winning Small Business Trends blog –

Ladies Who Launch –

Entrepreneur’s Women Center –…

Venture Maven
Note: VCs and Angels are MUCH more likely to tweet than they are to blog.

The Start Up Nation Community – (FACT-CHECKED and comprehensive)

365 Days of Startups –

Entrepreneurdex –

Business Insider’s top 10 blogs for Entrepreneurs 

Must read Books on Startups: 

I have read almost half of these books, and I suggest all these books are must reads for anyone interested in building their own startup or even working for one. These are my personal recommendations.

1. Getting Real by the guys from 37 signals.

2. Lucky or Smart by Bo Peabody

3. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

4. The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank.

5. The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki.

6. The High Performance Entrepreneur by Subrato Bagchi.

7. Rework by Jason Fried.

8. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

9. Grow by Jim Stengel

Some Articles worth reading on Startups: 

Comprehensive list on Startup tools and resources by a serial Entrepreneur: Steve Blank. He is the guy who I personally follow and he is an Alum of University of Michigan. 

Click here for the startup tools he suggests:

Other Startup Tools: Must go through.

Founder Stories: 

More resources for Startup groups, events and daily tips: 

  1. Startup Quote – Daily wisdom about startups.
  2. Startup Compass – Benchmark your startup’s KPIs against more than 10k internet startups.
  3. Startups (Quora Topic) – Thousands of questions and answers. Ask your own.
  4. Cofounda – App platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. FounderSoup – Probably the best way to meet your co-founders.
  6. Sprouter – Entrepreneurship and startup expert Q&A, resources and news.
  7. Meetup – Find meetup groups around any topic or interest such as “startups” in your area.
  8. StartupStats – Great for research. Launching a dashboard to spotlight & monitor startups.
  9. StartupDigest – Free weekly email to help you meet people and learn more.
  10. SecondMarket – Secondary market for alternative investments, private company stock.

Incubators and Accelerators in US ( 

  1. Y Combinator – Has funded over 380 startups (3 months, Silicon Valley).
  2. TechStars – Mentorship-driven seed-stage investment program (3 months, 5 US cities).
  3. The Brandery – Accelerating startups by building powerful brands (14 weeks, Cincinnati).
  4. KickLabs – Ready to start acquiring customers? (3-6 months, Silicon Valley).
  5. i/o Ventures – Early-stage startup program focused on mentorship (3 months, San Francisco).
  6. Capital Factory – Entrepreneurs like entrepreneurs (10 weeks, Austin).
  7. NYC SeedStart – Focused on advertising, ecommerce, digital and mobile (12 weeks, NYC).
  8. Tech Wildcatters – Mentor-driven and led by entrepreneurs (12 weeks, Dallas).
  9. Seedcamp – Early stage mentoring and investment program (1 year, global).
  10. Excelerate Labs – Amazing mentors, Chicago resources, high-profile demo (3 months, Chicago).
  11. Springboard – Mentorship-led accelerator program (13 weeks, London).
  12. Dreamit Ventures – Helping build great companies (NYC, Philly, Israel, Summer & Fall).
  13. The ARK – Mentorship-driven tech startup accelerator (3 months, Northwest Arkansas).
  14. Betaspring – Mentorship-driven accelerator focused on tech and design (12 weeks, Providence).
  15. InnoSpring – Start in Silicon Valley, grow in the US and China (Santa Clara, ?)
  16. BizSpark – Microsoft accelerator for Windows Azure (3 months, global).
  17. Media Camp – Startup academy camp for media innovations (12 weeks, San Francisco).
  18. Founder Institute – Helping founders to build great companies (4 weeks, global).
  19. AlphaLab – Funding, mentorship, education and more (20 weeks, Pittsburgh).

Incubators and Accelerators in India: 

  • Delhi, NCR Region.
  1. Indian Angel Network Incubator– Support from govt. of India, 18-24 months incubation period
  2. The Hatch– 52 weeks incubation, 13 weeks accelerator program, Funding: 10 lacs INR+ Access to investor funding upto 1 Cr.
  3. Technology Business Incubator, IIT Delhi– Academic led incubator. Should be an alumni, student or staff from IIT D. Funding from MSME.
  4. Tlabs– Accelerator by Times Internet Ltd. Funding- 10 lacs INR for 10% equity. Incubation period: 13 weeks.
  5. 91SpringBoard– Coworking space in South Delhi. Incubation and Mentorship over various verticals involved in a startup.
  6. GSF– Multicity Accelerator (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore), Funding: $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 for a single digit equity (5-8%).
  7. 5ideas– Business Incubator including office space, technology infrastructure and other services. Funding:  $250k to $10M.
  8. Veddis– 2.5 Cr INR per startup. 5 startups at a time. Incubation Period: 6-12 months. Founders in heel initiative for Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Mumbai:
  1. Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(SINE), IIT Bombay
  2. Unltd India
  3. Venture Nursery
  4. Seedfarm, Seedfund
  • Bangalore:
  1. Microsoft Accelerator
  2. Khosla Labs
  3. NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore
  4. Angel Prime
  5. Kyron
  6. E health-TBI, PES School of Engg . Tech Park
  • Ahmedabad:
  1. Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahmedabad
  2. National Design Business Incubator(NDBI), NID Ahmedabad

Article on steps involved in starting up a business in India:

Tech-specific Startup Blogs and sites: 

  1. Techcrunch – Obsessively profiling startups and breaking tech news.
  2. VentureBeat – Tech. People. Money.
  3. PandoDaily – Striving to be the site-of-record for Silicon Valley.
  4. BetaKit – Explaining the “what” in emerging technology and why it matters.
  5. GigaOM – Covering the intersection of business and technology.
  6. New Startups – Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas.
  7. Beta List – Discover new startups.
  8. Tech Cocktail – Tech startup events, news and resources.
  9. The Startup Toolkit – Tools and guidance for confused founders.
  10. BostInno – Boston startups and tech innovation.
  11. Venture Hacks – Good advice for startups.
  12. Shoe String Startups – Find out who is doing what on the startup scene (Australia & USA).
  13. KillerStartups – Vote for the startup you think will be killer.

Will keep on updating the resources as soon as I come across it and find it worth. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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