A highway to ode

This is one of the poems in wrote in January 2010. I feel like sharing it here.


Sometimes life goes on for a highway of never-ending emotions

Truly underlying with the saga of flowing oceans!

Plodding on a hill with a ceaseless smile,

Marking up the epoch with a story file,

Adding a moment to consider on a heart made pile,

All so transparent like a glass-made aisle!

Have your bags packed as to leave in a while,

This is just when you through, an extra last mile!

Taking life as it comes ,

So you never miss the fun of silence,

Nothing to conclude but to commence,

Because this is our life, our last chance.


I am on my way, to pray ..

Passing the long nights and ahead a short day,

Too much to remember, too much to play,

For me, my heart has plenty to say.

But I am ,

Glad to see,

I am just on my highway,

Just on my highway!


Time is to live.

Each time is one time. 

Time, as we know is the most relative concept. No one has ever barred away from it or surpassed it. It’s an opportunity for some, perception for others and pivotal for many. In economics, it’s a resource and in Business, its money. Since the ancient times, time has been the source of observation to all the philosophers, artists, inventors, sailors, scientists and businessman. From the probability to mystery to technology, it has always been the frame of reference.

How do we know how much time we have?

When will the clock stop ticking?

Is the world going to end?

Do we actually know if today is the last day?

These questions hovers around in the common minds, and most of us pass time in searching more in the quest. People are so busy in their own race with time and work. We debate, quarrel, play and wish on almost everything that is trending and forget about what we actually want with time. I believe, time is to live against all those odds which we face and all the solutions we come up with. It’s a cycle. There are good ones and bad ones almost same for everyone. The knowledge lies within oneself and not in the books.

We, humans are so well versed with deadlines, if we set a deadline of when are we doing to die, we will be more productive and effective in our lives. So one free suggestion out of expression, set a deadline for yourself and then continue with the normal.