Connection- Between the lines.

Ok, so these days I have been reading extensively about a lot of topics together, and I somewhere made out that everything is so interdependent to each other and made sense. Be it technology, economics, science, politics, psychology and design.Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said ” Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being”. Everything has a gist, and we see it as we are.

Technology Design Co-relation: Technology has always been revolutionized over design, read Apple. Today’s technology is not only serving the purpose but also expatiating the trends in the industry be it grids, networks, tablets, smart-phones, web applications and various different products including social media and clean-technology giving it a design edge to the rescue. Customers are half convinced over a good design, which is becoming a widening trend. Innovation is a part of design and an idea solving a purpose, making it more efficient. In India, we call it “Jugaad”. That’s how we design our lives, if not technology.

This is a chart showing the interconnected, in...

This is a chart showing the interconnected, interdependent nature of modern society that can be used to illustrate Structural Functionalism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Science- Politics Co-relation: Where Science is trying to change the world, people are becoming much more politically inclined in expanding its scope. One such example, is of Patents. Where Institutions and Individuals are trying to develop products over a little modification and selling it in the market. There is a lot of plagiarism in research of various different sectors and areas. Nuclear weapons are another example, where we see a constructive as well as a destructive use in this advancement of science. This is affecting the world as a whole, and nation in parts. Different political institutions and governments are involving themselves in the research of several fields with the core motive of how that will make them stronger in different spheres. Be it Space Research or Particle Research, everyone is trying to capture and make a mark in different dimensions. Well, to some extent it makes sense as its beneficial for the masses in the long run, but there are always repercussions. 

 Economics- Psychology Co-relation:   As the world is struggling to keep its economies upright, there is a lot of dependence of the sentiments of the nation as a whole in determining the economic prosperity of the nation. Be it the worth of the money when the prices rise (Inflation), the consumer behavior in the Supply Demand ratios or the person’s income compared to the total nation’s income (GDP). All these behaviors are subjected to different psychological aspects in each individual of the country, not just the earnings in businesses, governments and corporations. Economics has always been sentimental in its approach and not statistical. The stock markets drive on organizational behavior, and emotional trends. Serving a society and earning wealth are two different sides of the same coin. One can happen at a time, and are directional to each other. 

How this world is so diverse and co-related? Some random musings after a late night idiosyncrasies. But, I am always inspired in between the lines and worlds.


Open Journalism.

Isn’t media a device to measure the day-to-day dealings, publishing the news and keeping the common man with the loop of truth and faith? Is it happening by the way it should be? A Big NO. Today’s media houses have become an entertainment portal and is commercialized as a mainstream voice of any country. But in fact they are not the whistle-blowers but the trend-waivers of the modern society. They can just instigate emotions and keep the hidden facts out of the reach. Is this what we call journalism in true sense? There are some basic self-governing guidelines for the same which is mentioned in a book “The elements of Journalism” by Bill Kovach, which are listed below:

  1. Journalism’s first obligation is to tell the truth.
  2. Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
  3. Its essence is discipline of verification.
  4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
  5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
  6. It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
  7. It must strive to make the news significant, interesting, and relevant.
  8. It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
  9. Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience.

Are these being followed today?

If we go back in the brief history of time, from where the idea of spreading information started England, where the invention of movable printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1456, led to the wide dissemination of printed books. Read: The project  is dedicated to this inventor and today provides around 36,000 Ebooks for free. The first periodical Mercurius Gallobelgicus was printed in Latin and was distributed widely all over. And then american journalism rose with  New York Herald and The New york times in the eighteenth century.

Today, the world is digitizing content, making it more open sourced and there is a wave of awareness spreading into different communities as Right to Information Act and people are realizing the power of information. Wikileaks ( as we know has spread the secrets and the loopholes of the governments, nation’s policies, state-run activities, the war logs of Iran and Afghanistan, the conspiracy theories of individuals in organizations, the legislatures, the trade policies between the nations and banks, the purpose behind running a project with exposing the fair value involved. And it collaborated with thousands of people all around in spreading those information, and Julian Assange as we know faced quite a political misfit over rape allegations. I am sure wikileaks is following the above mentioned guidelines. But, it’s again a viewpoint as to information and secrets should be out or not.

This is where the world is heading towards, before the apocalypse, there will be a war against information and before that the idea of Open Journalism will take its course and the true journalist will be much more moral and humane than ever before, if not political. Satellites, servers and super-computers are developing in the rage. The social movement on resource based economy is also on question in defining what true sense of journalism is:

By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.
– Oscar Wilde.

2011, the times and its effect. 

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Two worlds

Today here, Tomorrow there.

Imagine there is one place where a clock is struck at midnight, and you get picked up in an old wheels of antiquity and then you live a dream where you meet Hemingway, Picaso Scott Fitzgerald and TS Elliot, involving in their life and sharing what they lived for. Too much of an overdose of LSD or passion. ” Midnight in Paris ” has one of a subtle and unassuming story illustrated with a typical Woody Allen touch. How easy is to live in two worlds? What if one day we suddenly move back to our past or the future? What would we do then? These are questions which quantum physics is still not able to answer.

Sometimes in life, we do live double life as the shadow of technology and media is penetrated in the life of a normal human being. Situations and understanding makes us chase what we are not supposed to and makes us leave when its worth dying for. Friendships, ambitions, relationships etc, what not. But does that stop us in moving ahead? People always say, Life goes on. But, aren’t we supposed to create memories in the journey. I may sound like a dad, but today facebook and twitter has changed lived drastically. Social media has become a necessity for the commons, and not social activity. Humanity has lost its value, economies have lost their brains and nations their ethics. But, still we like to debate and talk about all of it, not making an actual veritable impact on those lives which are struggling to live, breathe, eat. Not that I am not on facebook or twitter. On the other hand, social media has definitely revolutionized and embarked the movements, be it Zeitgeist, Anna or Wikileaks.

You cannot live with it or without it, is the new slogan on the web, for those democratic debaters and real life observers. Making it happen.

We don’t have time to think even about the past or the future, but we can just live in it unknowingly and knowingly. Those two worlds. Have we found life on some other planet? Planet X!? Did we? Oh, who cares about the third one.

Only this was left: