Gun Control, Really!

Saddened by the news of death of children in the US, there is an instinct in me which can relate the unfortunate event of the west with the old issues in the east. The twitter is trending with Gun Control as a measure to control the misuse of arms by few socio-paths existing in the world. But, is this issue really an obstructive one? And how is it related to the east? Well, several nations need some effective regulations in Gun politics as the measure to eliminate this misuse. There are several mishappenings around the world over these issues and how terrorism is reaping the fruits. Human mind is that complex web that can work the worst things out in the best possible way. Will this destructive human mind ever be cured? I am sure there are issues that are known and by awareness can be cured.

While there are so called entrepreneurs who have businesses in selling and exchanging these weapons to private license holders, there are also numerous ways that these dealings take a different approach. One of that is the dealing of weapons under government scrutinizing body. Why can’t it be possible that these private license holders not just take a permit from the government but also from an investigative body that carries out the due diligence over these licensed permit gun holders and keep a track on them. Moreover, the influx of these weapons should be through a structured approach even if they imported from different countries. There must be certain rules and regulations passed to protect this. Many more parameters can be included in the approach and make it more effective over different Arms Act or policies brooding over it and not preventing it. A good government can always solve this problem of Gun Politics. And this should not do anything with the defense sector of the nation. That is a nation’s right over security and control. But, the small businesses over weapon trading and manufacturing should be solved with tight protection and should have a justifiable reason to carry it.

This is not just a problem of one nation but many. Simple governance methodologies can solve this problem and it won’t give space to one in becoming a weaponizing socio-path and break the law. The law can change it. Strict laws can control the network of terrorism which is a huge act and castigate them. Civilized can be controlled, freaks can be prevented in becoming mass murderers and a man can be saved in becoming someone treacherous over religion.

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Chanakya and Classical Economics.

Twenty three hundred years ago, there was a learned Acharya (Scholar) named Chanak in the Kingdom of Magadha of the ancient India, formerly called BHARAT which aboded as a cultural heritage and a rich nation. Bharat was divided into kingdoms like Gandhar, Kashi, Avanti, Assaka, Kalinga, Magadha, Kuru, Mallayrajya and so on.

There was King named Dhanananda who was ruling Magadha, who was adamant, wine-loathed and women laden man. He had a cabinet of ministers, which was headed by a wise prime minister named Shaktar. He was the King’s advisor and a learned man. One day in the assembly, he announced to the king, that women in their kingdom are raped and murdered, and no one seem to care about it. The king got furious, by Shaktar’s comment and sent him to Nanda’s hell, which was a torture cell in the underground reigns of the kingdom. Acharya Chanak, was Shaktar’s close friend, was found propagating to the people of Magadha about the king’s misconducts and deeds. Soon as King Dhanananda got acquainted of it, he ordered his soldiers to cut of the Acharya’s head, which eventually happened. Vishnugupta, was the son of Acharya Chanak, which later known to become Chanakya was helped by one of the ministers in the King’s cabinet named Katyayan, cremated his father’s dead body and was sent to Takshila University (which is the oldest university in the world) with a letter to the dean.

The University comprised of with princes and children of the kings and governors in the world. Young Chanakya, being interviewed by the admissions head of the university, was being probed and asked ” What are the possible means by which a king can settle political disputes?”, the witty and knowledgeable Chanakya replied ” There are four possible methods. Sama- Gentle persuasion and praise; Daama- Monetary incentives; Danda- Punishment or War and Bheda-Intelligence, Propaganda and Disinformation. Amazed by his knowledge and wit, the dean let Chanakya to study in the university and later on he went on to become a professor in Political Science at the university. He, then became the Guru of Chandragupta Maurya, who invaded Magadha and set the kingdom out from the ruins of King Dhanananda, later found the Mauryan Empire.

Chanakya or Kautilya, is known for his undisputed works such as Arthashastra and Neetishastra, which discussed monetary and fiscal policies, international relations and war strategies. The remains of the manuscript was lost near the end of Gupta Dynasty in 5 BC, and which was not rediscovered until 1915. Today, these works are recognized by nations and being implemented as wise thoughts in dealings with economics and international relations. His works are identified as the precursor to Classical economics.

The Modern classical economics developers include Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, John Stuart Mill etc, did not get the privilege to go through the works of Chanakya. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations in 1776 is usually considered to mark the beginning of classical economics, but instead Chanakya’s Arthashastra was the true beginning of classical economics.

More on the views of Chanakya’s works and Arthashastra has been researched and being identified as the birth mark of Classical Economics: ArthaShastra Research Report.

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. – Chanakya. 


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