A highway to ode

This is one of the poems in wrote in January 2010. I feel like sharing it here.


Sometimes life goes on for a highway of never-ending emotions

Truly underlying with the saga of flowing oceans!

Plodding on a hill with a ceaseless smile,

Marking up the epoch with a story file,

Adding a moment to consider on a heart made pile,

All so transparent like a glass-made aisle!

Have your bags packed as to leave in a while,

This is just when you through, an extra last mile!

Taking life as it comes ,

So you never miss the fun of silence,

Nothing to conclude but to commence,

Because this is our life, our last chance.


I am on my way, to pray ..

Passing the long nights and ahead a short day,

Too much to remember, too much to play,

For me, my heart has plenty to say.

But I am ,

Glad to see,

I am just on my highway,

Just on my highway!