Freedom of ideas: Self or Society?

I went to a Tarot Card reader yesterday, just to curiously know what my life has to offer me with those pattern of chosen cards. The reader glanced me and told me “You have the freedom to grow and pursue your dreams, but you are holding back somewhere just because you are dual in your thoughts. If you focus on one thing important, you will grow as a person”. I realized, she was kind of right. It happens with all of us.

Somewhere, in our life’s turns and burns, we all get into a situation where duality creeps upon us. Not that we want it to happen, but forces and situations around make it happen. To know, what exactly we are capable of, we need to get ourselves from the dual nature of self and society. Today, people dream thinking more what is suitable for the society around us and not what we are actually passionate of. These dreams take a shape of an unborn child and the opportunity passes away. To get the right click in the right time, we need to be clear in our thoughts and pursue the least trodden path to achieve what we do in dreams, accurately.

Clarity holds a person and gives direction. I remember an old age adage “A stitch in time saves nine”, which holds true with the true sense of freedom. Freedom is not just pursuing your own life, but creating a balance with the self and the society around. We stop after achieving a certain level of clarity because we feel the society around see us with enough respect. And our dreams are eventually shrinks to what our society thinks it should be, and that is when dreams die and world-denting ideas perish. We need to struggle till the end of our dream, and that is our freedom.

In business/job/startup, we know our freedom is more or less based on our ideas. Some ideas suffocate to die inside us and other make a way to the world and change it, till we execute it. Why is then our ideas don’t initiate and the freedom is not free? Because, like the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, our ideas are uncertain with the linkage of our self and the bond with the society. We get momentum, we lose track of our idea’s position. We get position, we lose track of our freedom’s momentum.

So, taking back from what the Tarot card reader said, the dreams which are fulfilled are in true nature, the reflection of self to the society and they are to be pursued and to be struggled upon despite the limitations to our freedom, and tending to infinity boundaries to our ideas. 

How Bitcoins changes the economics?

We must have recently learned about the virtual currency that is recognized in the digital community as the Digital Gold. We all must have come across online social games where collecting coins determines how well you have performed in the game like the recently popular game app TempleRun. With those coins, we could unlock other stages, players, equipments and other innovative features that helps us survive in the game and get addicted to it. Similarly, there are coins which are used to buy and exchange real products in a new currency form known as Bitcoins.

What is a Bitcoin? 

These Bitcoins are not controlled by any government or banks, but are algorithmically designed intangible, digital form of currency that efficiently controls the flow of money. Today, almost $750m worth Bitcoins are traded and stored through the digital wallets. One can get Bitcoins by a concept called Online Mining, like the concept in mining of gold. By running an online store that accepts Bitcoins, or by exchanging dollars, yens, pounds etc to Bitcoins or by mining bitcoins through computer generated problems, we can acquire and use the Bitcoins. The current value of 1 Bitcoin is almost $120 and the value is volatile like the stock markets. The maximum amount of Bitcoins that can be traded and stored has a cap of 21 Million and not a single Bitcoin more.

So how does this affect the economics? 

In the ancient times, different metals were exchanged to barter goods among different communities, which represented amount of grains stored. Then came the coinage, where metals were mined, weighed and stamped into different coins of gold, silver and copper. Then, the need for credit and a currency that was less burdensome to exchange led to the introduction of Paper Money from the Pre-modern China.

As Bitcoins are gaining more popularity by the attributes it showcases like acceptability, design, limited supply and easy transfer without processing fees, the economics of money will be altered in bits.

1. While some people in the US government feel that the government is excessively printing money, for the money circulation and its link to productivity and employment opportunities, they are devaluing the dollar. If Bitcoins are introduced and gains acceptability, due to its maximum cap of 21 Million, the excess printing of money will be discontinued, which alters the economics of money supply.

2. Moreover, if Bitcoins are introduced, the transfer of bitcoins through buying/selling products which are legal or illegal in nature cannot be tracked. This definitely excites the ones involved in money laundering, manipulating the black money and other illegal activities.

3. Bitcoins also eliminate the possibility of transfer of dollars by paying a significant sum of fees to payment portals like PayPal, CCAvenue etc. These middlemen companies have no role in the transfer of Bitcoins. Similarly, the processing fees charged through central banks will also be eliminated. And governments, individuals, companies can transfer money without the need of these middlemen.

4. In Bitcoins, the money supply is fixed by design, which is a limiting factor and thus will be highly volatile in terms of dollar exchange rates.

5. There is a possibility of hacking the digital wallets in which the bitcoins will be stored and hence one cannot recover the bitcoins once stolen, this excites the hacker community in general. There is no way to track these stolen bitcoins though Bitcoins are cryptographically designed.

Also, watch this video: 

Though, the new virtual currency is in the talks, the role of governments will be the most important factor in determining the life of Bitcoins. Till then in God we trust. 

Chanakya and Classical Economics.

Twenty three hundred years ago, there was a learned Acharya (Scholar) named Chanak in the Kingdom of Magadha of the ancient India, formerly called BHARAT which aboded as a cultural heritage and a rich nation. Bharat was divided into kingdoms like Gandhar, Kashi, Avanti, Assaka, Kalinga, Magadha, Kuru, Mallayrajya and so on.

There was King named Dhanananda who was ruling Magadha, who was adamant, wine-loathed and women laden man. He had a cabinet of ministers, which was headed by a wise prime minister named Shaktar. He was the King’s advisor and a learned man. One day in the assembly, he announced to the king, that women in their kingdom are raped and murdered, and no one seem to care about it. The king got furious, by Shaktar’s comment and sent him to Nanda’s hell, which was a torture cell in the underground reigns of the kingdom. Acharya Chanak, was Shaktar’s close friend, was found propagating to the people of Magadha about the king’s misconducts and deeds. Soon as King Dhanananda got acquainted of it, he ordered his soldiers to cut of the Acharya’s head, which eventually happened. Vishnugupta, was the son of Acharya Chanak, which later known to become Chanakya was helped by one of the ministers in the King’s cabinet named Katyayan, cremated his father’s dead body and was sent to Takshila University (which is the oldest university in the world) with a letter to the dean.

The University comprised of with princes and children of the kings and governors in the world. Young Chanakya, being interviewed by the admissions head of the university, was being probed and asked ” What are the possible means by which a king can settle political disputes?”, the witty and knowledgeable Chanakya replied ” There are four possible methods. Sama- Gentle persuasion and praise; Daama- Monetary incentives; Danda- Punishment or War and Bheda-Intelligence, Propaganda and Disinformation. Amazed by his knowledge and wit, the dean let Chanakya to study in the university and later on he went on to become a professor in Political Science at the university. He, then became the Guru of Chandragupta Maurya, who invaded Magadha and set the kingdom out from the ruins of King Dhanananda, later found the Mauryan Empire.

Chanakya or Kautilya, is known for his undisputed works such as Arthashastra and Neetishastra, which discussed monetary and fiscal policies, international relations and war strategies. The remains of the manuscript was lost near the end of Gupta Dynasty in 5 BC, and which was not rediscovered until 1915. Today, these works are recognized by nations and being implemented as wise thoughts in dealings with economics and international relations. His works are identified as the precursor to Classical economics.

The Modern classical economics developers include Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, John Stuart Mill etc, did not get the privilege to go through the works of Chanakya. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations in 1776 is usually considered to mark the beginning of classical economics, but instead Chanakya’s Arthashastra was the true beginning of classical economics.

More on the views of Chanakya’s works and Arthashastra has been researched and being identified as the birth mark of Classical Economics: ArthaShastra Research Report.

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. – Chanakya. 


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Was he a true hindu?

Yesterday, just browsing through some youtube links, I found one video on Nathuram Godse, who assassinated the father of our nation, M.K Gandhi. One thing is clear that sometimes, you just don’t know what is going on in a head of the person who took a stand in doing something hurtful and relentless.

But, that is where the human psychology lies? Sometimes we do things, which we are not supposed to or even in our life thought of, and we convince ourself with a reason to do it whether its right, wrong or extreme in both situations. Nathuram Godse, being a journalist and an activist in his life, he was one deep-rooted personality. On January 30th, 1948 when Gandhiji was addressing an evening prayer, he did something which changed his life completely and shot Gandhiji in the chest 3 times. And then was the end of a legacy.

During his one of the court proceedings, he said

” If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on in his own way. Against such an attitude there can be no halfway house. Either Congress had to surrender its will to his and had to be content with playing second fiddle to all his eccentricity, whimsicality, metaphysics and primitive vision, or it had to carry on without him. He alone was the judge of everyone and everything; he was the master brain guiding the Civil Disobedience movement; no other could know the technique of that movement. He alone knew when to begin it and when to withdraw it. The movement might succeed or fail, but that could make no difference to the Mahatma’s infallibility. ‘A Satyagrahi can never fail’ was his formula for his own infallibility and nobody except himself knew what a Satyagrahi is.”

He was an extremist and a self-righteous man with a different vision altogether. He was not that wrong, but the step he took was unacceptable. But, he wouldn’t have made a difference otherwise. Human psychology is the mastermind of all deeds inhuman and mysterious. And only the mind knows, whats there in the heart and not vice-versa.  Process Philosophy suggests that fundamental elements of the universe are occasions of experience, which can be collected into groups creating something as complex as a human being. This experience is not consciousness; there is no mind-body duality under this system as mind is seen as a very developed kind of experience. Source-Wikipedia. Which is related to meta-physical concept of human mind which accurate and complex at the same time.

We never know what is behind it and in it. As we already know, Life is a mystery. This is might as well be a mystery not bought.


Have we discovered enough?

There are a lot of kingdoms yet to be revealed in life. 

My dad spoke these words to me tonight which left me baffled and on the quest in searching what is the essence of those words. I believe it is something which differs from people to perceptions. Something which I don’t know about and something which I might know ahead in time.

One question which is intriguing is to ask oneself ” What is the purpose of life?”, and all inspirational and common people have just one answer to give. Live it and discover what you are good at. But, living is important. And when I look back to that 20 years of my existence I see, that time to time I did try to discover things in my life, which I never thought I would do before and intuitively I feel that is the way it should be. One should test ones limits in times when one least expect to be and sometimes I feel its necessary to rock your boat in the middle of the sea.

We talk about nation’s developing, economies dripping, human’s progressing and companies stripping, but is that all what adds value in our life? Or its just one counter-mechanism to cope up with the mechanical world. What is that one thing which we like doing and can do for the rest of our lives. That should be the ultimate discovery of life. I am not preaching, and I am not practicing either but yes people should not stop growing and discovering things which they never thought they will discover. Be it trying a parasailing, or dipping into the sea or sky dropping and we never know, thats where we might ‘an enlightenment‘ or a strong realization which can change our life in an effective way.

So one thing I inferred from the statement is to never stop trying in doing new things or changing the old. We might discover something which we are meant for. Just like my father said there are kingdoms to be revealed and it might just turn out to be gold. 

Have we discovered enough? Not yet. We can never discover enough, but trying should always be the art.


The passing thought.

One fine mid-night in the cold december, I took my DSLR and the tripod and went to the surrounding main road near my apartment. Over a conversation with a young 19-year-old gatekeeper, I made this video with sheer selflessness and a passing thought reign my head that time.

And that day I might have changed one life as I almost convinced the young gatekeeper to leave the job and go back to his city and take up education. Education I believe is the most integral and the effective demographic in country’s economic development and growth. And illiteracy is the cause of all evils in the Indian Politics as well. And he understood it well. The talent is misunderstood in India, just because of the lack of Indian subsystem parameters. I believe one day the 1.2 Billion Indians attain the basic education and then we will actually be developed.

This video shows a passing thought on a night with a simple yet lucid experience over a fluttered dream. A little bit stretched for the feel of it, as dreams I know are the most accurate creations in the intricacies of the human brain.

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