Silver lining endings, always?

Today, I saw a finest connect in the movie Silver Linings Playbook, and a quote struck me. Thought of sharing it here, think about it.

The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that’s guaranteed. And I can’t begin to explain that, or the craziness inside myself and everybody else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think of everything everyone did for me and I feel like a very lucky guy.

Said by Pat almost at the climax in the movie.

Is there always a sunday to every story? Are there silver linings to all your endeavors? Something we have to think about while we try accomplish something so hard, that everything we could ever wish is to make it positive till the end and finally, after drenching out in sweat, mind and heart, we get there. That’s the feeling no one could ever want to miss in their life.

I have this same feeling today, while I am admitted to Masters in Entrepreneurship program at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and Department of Engineering. And somehow, everything I did in the last 5 years connected the dots to achieve this. God’s been kind, and people supportive. All those good quotes I have ever heard makes more sense to me now and with that I am just enjoying my Sunday. A silver lining to a beginning of my journey. And I am sure, you had yours or waiting for it, believe in yourself and you will get a silver lining at the horizon. If not, a golden lining is destined for you. You are the Entrepreneur of your life. 

Advertisements – Those small little things that makes you happy.

Sometimes you know that you exist (a foremost dilemma for every non-commercial writer) and a random email from a stranger makes your day.

The one which made mine. Thank you Isidora Torres for the email. She is working on a great project called where you can post your random muses and inspiring life stories publicly or anonymously.  Do check the website out and sign it up. It will be your daily dose of humane stories from a stranger someone across the globe. You can connect to people and get to know their perspectives over life, relationship and other issues. This website is a smaller version of Quora, but just focused on life lessons, travels, musings and stories. Lucid and good to start.

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Luck favors the unintended

We know that our ‘role model’ predecessors whom we look to must have been the innate example of ‘Luck favors the brave’. We have often being advised by our peers, family, mentors etc that to achieve something you have to set your goals and try to achieve it by knowledge, hard-work and passion. Would this just be enough to achieve something we always wanted to but never identified it in the first place?

Yesterday, my father narrated me a story of his life, a story which changed his life forever. A story of fate and fortune. Coming from a middle class family, my father was 13 years old when he was sent to study at Birla Public School in Pilani, Rajasthan (one of the finest boarding schools in India) with a sole intention by my grandfather to make him an engineer from BITS, Pilani in the long run. My grandfather was turned to by his brother who was living in Pilani and he suggested him to send his son to the school with a pretext of making him a capable person. My father went to attend the school for Class 8th. Owing to his nature and his attachment for my grandmother, he started writing letters to my grandmother when he was in school tugging at his heartstrings. When my grandfather came to know this, he posted all these letters to my father’s uncle back there in Pilani. The uncle then fixed this situation by asking the school authorities to take a retest for my father for Class 9th. This meant that my father had to give the re-test, could not think of going back and was stuck at the school for one more year. Propelling his will to go back, my father left Pilani with his bag in the middle of ninth standard, boarded a bus from Pilani to Delhi and then a train from Delhi to Surat with just 20 rupees in his pockets.

He came back to his parents and then was admitted in a local school. He then pursued Bachelors in Chemistry in a local science college. After getting a bachelor’s degree, he started working under my grandfather who was working as a Manager in a textile firm owned by Birlas. After one year working under my grandfather, he set out to float his own textile business. Since then, there was no looking back for him and he build a successful business along with his two younger brothers. More than 20 years in the business, he has been resilient and consistent in the growing the business. His experiences taught him to take a leap to something unconventional and go on a path less intended. One thing he told me ‘If I would have stayed in Pilani, completed my high school there and pursued engineering, I would never have got into business (which he nor my grandfather thought in the first place) and so whatever happens, happens for a reason’. 

We, as a generation, often ponder over our goals in achieving something through those common attributes of planning and hard work which have been preached over since ages and fear to take unintended risks. If we achieve or we don’t, luck has not only supported the brave but also the unintended. So, its sometimes better to be unplanned, believe in yourself and start looking for the dots which will eventually connect when the right time comes. Clock is ticking and I am waiting to ring my bell.

The Brick Walls at IIM A and how they inspire me!

English: Harvard Steps

English: Harvard Steps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Build with motivation and passion of its founders, Vikram Sarabhai – A prominent Scientist and Industrialist, KasturBhai Lalbhai– well-known Industrialist and Ravi J Matthai- First Director(1965-72), the institute has progressed through all leaps and bounds and is currently on the frontier of centers for excellence nationally and globally. It’s the most competitive place to get in, and it is that for a reason; infact several reasons. The Institute is leading for its overall development and achievements in fulfilling its core mission of fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation. With a great alumni network over almost 48 years, and even better alumnus ranging from CEOs in top multinational companies, to quite a number of successful entrepreneurs, authors, professors and economists, it has a recognition of providing the best to the world. IIM A was collaborated with Harvard University during its early inception and the approach of teaching methodologies has been adapted from the university. Owing to this, the steps to enter the IIM A building is called  ‘Harvard Steps’. Louis Kahn, the legendary architect designed the old campus of IIM A Building imbibing amazing geometrical design with bricks.

So, where does the inspiration come from? It’s all in the air and in the vacuum of these walls. Not just this, the best feeling is when you are sitting in front of Vikram Sarabhai Library (which is 24*7 open), and the gliding waves of air touches you. That’s where the inspiration comes from! The walk in front of those lawns is much more inspiring and full of ideas. If given a chance, this place is worth a visit and even more worthier to study in. There is so much to say but so less time (Use Google for more information). I can sleep with satisfaction now! One is writing after long and one of  praising the place.

And I remember the quote I read few days back,

“Whether we like it or not, we all come from someplace. And at some point in our lives, we have to make peace with that place.” 

I am sure, I have made peace with this place and this is how it inspires me through its walls which talk (It really does!).

When Ideas generate Pulses.

Sometimes, we go through an intriguing phase of determining something which we always wished to do, irrespective of the background we belong to. Ideas are like the fitting moments that passes, until we don’t realize it. It not just lead to sleepless nights, but also fuel some pulses in the wired brain. Here are few tips, how to catch hold of these ideas which might just change our lives,

1. Ideas are crazy, do not get paranoid and pass: Sometimes we come across something bizarre, and the left skull won’t mind to pass. Remember, the best ideas in life have come from unexpected and weird places. Think again, do not pass. There is just a difference of one idea between you and rest of the world.

2. If you are into something else, take a pause: If you are doing something else, and you get inspired from a moment. The best thing to do is to leave everything what you are doing and take a pause. For the first time, it won’t make sense. But for the second, third and so on, it will definitely make much more sense of what you’re thinking. I was sleeping when an idea crossed my mind, around 3 AM in the morning, I suddenly got up and noted it down in my laptop.

3. Search for a paper, note it down: Though, this can be a tedious and boring task to do, but writing an idea on a paper will give a direction to the idea and make it more credible to conceptualize. One of friend suggested me of doing this, and it definitely helped me.

4. Nothing is too big or small: Most often people lose an elevating opportunity in terms of its scale and scope. Remember, the best ideas has just solved a single core problem and then modified around it for value additions. No idea is too big or small. The vision and the courage is a differentiator from a good idea to a bad idea.

5.Dont stop dreaming: Dreams are possibly the best creative and accurate workplace for humans. The best ideas come in dreams and it just sometimes solves a purpose. Though subconsciously, our brain is always on the go. Don’t lose out on dreams. Our duty is to fulfill it or live it.

A picture of a lightbulb is often used to repr...

Let the pulse be with you. 

Blowing in the wind

In this world of Ping and Bang, the year was 2011 with one year more to go for the predictions from the prophet who was called Crazy head Nostradamus and the patch of incidents with that Pink Floyd lyrics coming in the picture when numb is not even comfortable enough. I’d like you all to narrate an incident that shook a life near me for the sake of Rural Humanity v/s the Urban Fear.

“ There were two friends, living in a city where they earned their bread after the routine days’ end, one is a laundry boy at the end of the master lane and other is a full-time servant in an upper middle class family. Both came to a developing and a blessed urban city with a dream to earn something for their families back in their village in the east. They earned it wisely even though the scale of was in the lower class. Having to meet everyday as they were in the closely knitted area, they became close friends and were there for each other when needed in the times of financial setbacks and health crisis in their family.

It was like they grew together till the time they were in the city and it had been 10 years now.

As per annual routine, they used to visit their respective village to meet their families for a month or so. And there came a time where the one of them (the laundry guy) went to visit his village to see his family of five.

One fine day, when he was taking rest outside his hut-house, he heard some voices from the side of the nearby old well besides some old teak trees. There were about twenty odd people surrounding the well, all baffled and frightened as there were some five of their villager friends stuck at the bottom of that well, trying to help those people in some other way. As soon as he witnessed the situation, he ran around to get a rope and never thought what would just happen. Fearless, as he was he jumped inside the well to help those lives binding that rope to the stone at the corner of the well. Unlikely to his fate, after having tried hard to save those lives, he found himself drifting away, ultimately losing his balance and under the deep water well. This took him his life. And became one of those few ones who donated his life to save some.

Just, when his friend back in the city came to know that his old friend is no more, shocked and splintered he was left vacant. For him, it was like a part of his body that just got disabled. He wished god that he would have been there at his friend’s place or could help him in some or the other way. It was something that shook him from inside, and there has been no day he must not have thought about those days with his friend.”

Accidents happen, and we blame the fate. Until and unless, we don’t face it in our surrounding. India, has been the land of innumerable such incidents, and the value of life has been detrimental. In urban cities, the death rate is almost 1 every second. There are people who do not wish to care or help those lives to which they can actually make difference on for the sake of humanity or religion. Life expectancy in India is about 63 years comparable to 77 years in USA, 78 in Singapore and 72 in China. India should not be just a nation of media clad debatable societies, but actually humans with true respect and value for life. Be it in the urban or the rural.

We never know, we might just save few lives unknowingly if we are human enough with the same emotions, but fear