Geese and Team Leadership

From the times of Local Congress and finally discharged from the role I took one year back, played a part and lived the moments. There is one session which was much-needed and the things which I learned last year was portrayed by the Vice Chancellor of Auro University, from his experience. Team Leadership is not a one time thing, but a role vital enough to grow forward. Organizations are not run by individuals, but in synchronization with different people in your team and outside it.

One example, which he gave was that of a fleet of geese flying in sync at the time of migration from one place to another, thousand miles away. The fleet of those geese has a behavior in shape of “V’. Why this shape? What is the significance? And as we find out , the geese collectively are 71% more efficient than a single goose flying. They support each other, and take positions and the leader geese is the one exposed to take maximum air resistance in the front, and as soon he is tired, he goes at the end of the “V” fleet and the one who was behind leads the front complementing each other. They quack, just so that the momentum keeps on going and they could cover the distance more effectively. This is what is with Team Leadership. Individuals are not successful, until they have a successful team to work with. We are a geese in a team, and not the permanent geese. Soon, as one goose is sick and tired and is out of the “V”, the geese who are flying together comes to support him and make a fleet of “V” there.

We talk about leadership and people, but the individuals are not where they are until they are a good team leader. Thus, in human behavior too, this “V” signifies WE and not ME. I believe in it.

People always can have their own stint, but there are other people making what you are and taking you to the pinnacle.


Moving on is change

Not just to say, but to really do.

To start new things, somethings has to end. Today is the last day of my term in AIESEC Surat, the place where I have been since last 2.5 years.

Moving on and changing things.