Coding: The new way of thinking

Today, the world is a boiling pot of data, softwares and codes flowing through the internet. Through these codes startups/companies prototype, design, create and build their disruptive technologies which change the way we communicate with the world. Coming from a STEM background has helped me understand the basics of software and applications, as it gives one the way to think structurally and logically. As, I am pursuing my master thesis project applying an effective tool LABVIEW for building algorithms to extract electrical, mechanical and optical properties of  different devices, the exercise has helped me structure my thought processes algorithmically. Thinking structurally is the need of the hour creative thinking.

Recently, we might have come across the video which went viral from stating the importance of coding in our lives. If you haven’t seen it, I am sharing it here. It explains the need of coding in our lives as we are continuously linked to it in our daily lives through social network, interactive devices and computers.

Also, I have come across an informative TEDx talk from the CEO of FirstRain, Penny Herscher who explains how coding has helped her achieve what she has achieved in her life and its underlying importance in the time we live in.

Though, we know what we are capable of. It’s just an afterthought of what you can build and impact this world many folds like never before. Coding is definitely the new way of thinking, if not boring. – Those small little things that makes you happy.

Sometimes you know that you exist (a foremost dilemma for every non-commercial writer) and a random email from a stranger makes your day.

The one which made mine. Thank you Isidora Torres for the email. She is working on a great project called where you can post your random muses and inspiring life stories publicly or anonymously.  Do check the website out and sign it up. It will be your daily dose of humane stories from a stranger someone across the globe. You can connect to people and get to know their perspectives over life, relationship and other issues. This website is a smaller version of Quora, but just focused on life lessons, travels, musings and stories. Lucid and good to start.

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