Is it the real closure?

Indian Government today took a swift decision to hang the convict and the lone survivor  Ajmal Kasab of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks and spread the message of integrity and security of our nation. Sometimes its good to be late than never. But, the one question still arises in the mind of the commoners witnessing each moment India is living, is this the real closure of the case?

I don’t think so. Though the culprit was hanged till death but the masterminds are still living somewhere in that corner of the world and grinning through all this. Their job was done to carry out and implement their plan of attacking Mumbai at its brim. When in time, will those people be convicted and executed who live in the odds of terrorism and many such activities. There were attacks on the parliament, the sovereignty of our democracy and the convict Afzal Guru is still beholding the law and behind the bars. When in time, will there be a strong message passed to these terrorist groups that India is not handicapped by nature. Their network is still intact and secure by over multiple nations. India being one of it. When in time, will the roots of this evil be procured and snatched out from the soil of our nation? This might be a closure to one chapter as said by father of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who lost his life battling and saving lives during the 26/11 attack, but there are a lot of other chapters to close.

In no religious scriptures or texts there is written that killing innocent people helps you attain the true divinity and materialize fruits which are no sweeter. The sense of closure will come when the actual people who are planning and manipulating minds like Ajmal Kasab and others be convicted and hanged for life. I am sure our Defense is no less in tracing down these groups geographically, but a collective will is required over nations and the needful should be done than coming over the diplomatic relations. World will be a better place to live, if nations come together and not just individuals.



Incredible India Commercial 2012.

Must Watch this beautifully made commercial and make a trip to India, the land of adventures, mystery and religions.

The Startup Genome


Entrepreneurship (Photo credit: Michael Lewkowitz)

We have been hearing a lot in the Startup Space, how the world is turning towards Entrepreneurship and how is Silicon Valley turning silicon into gold. From now, I will write about Startups in General and provide useful links and resources from an Entrepreneur’s perspective. I have been interested in this domain since almost 4 years and have been reading stuffs around the internet globe over quite some time. The time is now to share and collaborate over different ideas.

There are people who generally ask when is the right time to start? If you ask me the answer would be right now. Though over time constraints and other priorities I haven’t been able to startup my own venture. But I am on the learning curve. The DNA of a startup guy is profound, undesirable and uncanny. And I believe anyone can be that ‘Startup Guy’. If you believe you have an idea which can make a difference than its time to go for it. Need not wait for things to happen automatically or you may find someone else working on your idea and doing it for you. And trust me that is one thing which you don’t want in your DNA. The acceptance that your idea has already been worked on. That is one thing you might regret by the end of your life.

The urge of creating new is on everyone’s list, but time loses its grip and we tend to satisfy ourselves with financial stability, family needs and that sweet juice of comfort. One thing I have learned over time that Starting up is never comfortable and many lose out in the process. The only gene of that Startup Guy that he will find that uncomfortable moments the road to creating products and services which will change the world in bit, byte or terra-bytes.

Its time to be uncomfortable and find that startup gene in you. Else you will master the art of not creating something and adjusting everything. I am too young to say this, but I am sure the experienced ones won’t beg to differ.

And just when I think I will lead that uncomfortable life,  I will read this post to remind myself what I just said.