Curiosity. Particles. Physics. Mystery.

Universe as we know, is expanding.

How? Never seem to care?

The majestic limit of imagination and its creativity lies in the wonders of the universe. From the ancient sand houses of time, to a popular sky-scraper, there is no end to imagination. Each imagination has its own significance. The big bang theory gives us the picture of the time, and the origin of the earth after vast transformations. The universe is made of infinite galaxies and each galaxy of infinite stars and planets. There are not just electrons, protons and neutrons in the Cosmo but a lot new range of different matter particles known as Baryons and Leptons, and anti matter particles.

A lot of research has been conducted at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), in Geneva where huge detectors and accelerators add to breathtaking research to detect Higgs Bosons (which are also known as God Particles) in fundamental particle physics and cosmology. There is FERMILAB in Illinois in USA, where astrophysicists, particle physicists and scientists work in defining what the future beholds. These detectors at CERN have already reached a milestone of accelerating the particles in the detector nearly at the speed of light, once it is achieved that these particles reach the speed of light, it will prove the Einstein’s  relativity theory wrong and will change the shape of Quantum Physics in determining the origin of the universe.

Are the extra dimensions then the ones we know? Does universe behaves as a hologram? There are never-ending questions in this field of research which not only fascinates scientists but a common follower of science and technology. These questions will define how the world will look like in 2050 be it at the cosmic frontier or by the string theory approach. The scientists are at quest to determine how is the universe came into existence and what are the driving forces behind the dynamics of the space. It will not just be a blot on that misconceptions of beliefs and faiths, but will question the existence of what we call GOD? Well, I think it will never be easy, but curiosity leads to the truth. This will encapsulate the mysteries and secrets in the dark energy, dark matter or the dark universe.

Only time will tell. 



Turning 21.

So its one hour to go and I am turning 21.

There a lot of questions about growing old. However exciting it may seem. I look back and see what all things I have lived and done in that living.

Time to make a bucket list of the stuffs I would like to do ahead, and completing those made before. We make resolutions and every year we see that those resolutions be fulfilled. If not, continue with it the next year. It would not just suffice my satisfaction but also make me a much more determined.

  • Time to see some new places.
  • Time to live some new emotions.
  • Time to make things work out.
  • Time to test the limits.
  • Time to make bonds stronger and older.
  • Time to fulfill those resolutions which are not fulfilled.
  • Time to be challenged.
  • Time to reach new dimensions.

This new beginning will definitely make me a much more experienced and an adventurous person.

Time is to turn 21 and share smiles.

Welcoming myself to the most exciting phase of my life.  

Time is to entangle these threads. Image

Photographs. Music.

Now, here I start posting photographs to my blog.

Each photograph I think has a story to tell and has no language. Art has no language. But, there are hidden tales between each click.

It all started back in 2011, almost a year ago when I bought my first camera Nikon D31oo and started experimenting with it. I have been to few places around and often clicked what I liked. Every small little thing has its own essence, and the world is beautiful in its own colors and confusion.

Now, that I have a blog, I wish to post some of the photographs over a period of time. And will take up some freelancing projects over any random issue that comes over. It’s just about walking to road and get your degrees and light right.

Here are some photographs over a rock concert, and it depicts the moment of life on a stage.

As we know, the world is our stage. . Look into the mirror. Identify. We are the stars. 

Nanotechnology, the next in!

In 1959, physicist and future Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman gave a lecture to the American Physical Society called “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” and here is what he meant by it.

Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology, or nanotech, is the study and design of machines on the molecular and atomic level. To be considered nanotechnology, these structures must be anywhere from 1 to 100 nanometers in size. A nanometer is equivalent to one-billionth of a regular meter, which means that these structures are extremely small. The innovations in nanotechnology will range from a wide range of applications which will change the shape of the world.

  • As we have seen movies like Star Trek and Transporters, the concept of Molecular Manufacturing is taking its heat and if the understanding of the molecular structures is more intensified, there can be unlimited discoveries which world has never ever seen before.
  • In the medical industry, the research in molecular level of drugs can lead to making NanoRobots, which a patient can drink with a fluid and it can detect and destroy cancerous cells in his/her body. This is revolutionize cancer research and other medicinal drugs preventing the most prevalent diseases like typhoid and malaria.
  • After the latest discovery of graphene (the new carbon allotrope) in 2005, the electronic properties characterized by the material will change the shape of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and its applications. IBM and Intel are doing intensive research on this new allotrope of carbon and millions of dollars are being spent on its experimentation.
  • Computers and robots could be reduced to extraordinarily small sizes. Medical applications might be as ambitious as new types of genetic therapies and anti-aging treatments. New interfaces linking people directly to electronics could change telecommunications.And human behavior could change the way the world lives today.
Thus, this technology will design the next 25 to 30 years in the field of technology and will change the shape of the world in a lot more aspects. Hence, by going back into the roots of the atoms and molecules, the future can be designed. The theory of bottom-up approach.
Just, when I got an assignment on ” The Present and Future of Technology” in the condensed matter physics class at the university.

Blowing in the wind

In this world of Ping and Bang, the year was 2011 with one year more to go for the predictions from the prophet who was called Crazy head Nostradamus and the patch of incidents with that Pink Floyd lyrics coming in the picture when numb is not even comfortable enough. I’d like you all to narrate an incident that shook a life near me for the sake of Rural Humanity v/s the Urban Fear.

“ There were two friends, living in a city where they earned their bread after the routine days’ end, one is a laundry boy at the end of the master lane and other is a full-time servant in an upper middle class family. Both came to a developing and a blessed urban city with a dream to earn something for their families back in their village in the east. They earned it wisely even though the scale of was in the lower class. Having to meet everyday as they were in the closely knitted area, they became close friends and were there for each other when needed in the times of financial setbacks and health crisis in their family.

It was like they grew together till the time they were in the city and it had been 10 years now.

As per annual routine, they used to visit their respective village to meet their families for a month or so. And there came a time where the one of them (the laundry guy) went to visit his village to see his family of five.

One fine day, when he was taking rest outside his hut-house, he heard some voices from the side of the nearby old well besides some old teak trees. There were about twenty odd people surrounding the well, all baffled and frightened as there were some five of their villager friends stuck at the bottom of that well, trying to help those people in some other way. As soon as he witnessed the situation, he ran around to get a rope and never thought what would just happen. Fearless, as he was he jumped inside the well to help those lives binding that rope to the stone at the corner of the well. Unlikely to his fate, after having tried hard to save those lives, he found himself drifting away, ultimately losing his balance and under the deep water well. This took him his life. And became one of those few ones who donated his life to save some.

Just, when his friend back in the city came to know that his old friend is no more, shocked and splintered he was left vacant. For him, it was like a part of his body that just got disabled. He wished god that he would have been there at his friend’s place or could help him in some or the other way. It was something that shook him from inside, and there has been no day he must not have thought about those days with his friend.”

Accidents happen, and we blame the fate. Until and unless, we don’t face it in our surrounding. India, has been the land of innumerable such incidents, and the value of life has been detrimental. In urban cities, the death rate is almost 1 every second. There are people who do not wish to care or help those lives to which they can actually make difference on for the sake of humanity or religion. Life expectancy in India is about 63 years comparable to 77 years in USA, 78 in Singapore and 72 in China. India should not be just a nation of media clad debatable societies, but actually humans with true respect and value for life. Be it in the urban or the rural.

We never know, we might just save few lives unknowingly if we are human enough with the same emotions, but fear