Chanakya and Classical Economics.

Twenty three hundred years ago, there was a learned Acharya (Scholar) named Chanak in the Kingdom of Magadha of the ancient India, formerly called BHARAT which aboded as a cultural heritage and a rich nation. Bharat was divided into kingdoms like Gandhar, Kashi, Avanti, Assaka, Kalinga, Magadha, Kuru, Mallayrajya and so on.

There was King named Dhanananda who was ruling Magadha, who was adamant, wine-loathed and women laden man. He had a cabinet of ministers, which was headed by a wise prime minister named Shaktar. He was the King’s advisor and a learned man. One day in the assembly, he announced to the king, that women in their kingdom are raped and murdered, and no one seem to care about it. The king got furious, by Shaktar’s comment and sent him to Nanda’s hell, which was a torture cell in the underground reigns of the kingdom. Acharya Chanak, was Shaktar’s close friend, was found propagating to the people of Magadha about the king’s misconducts and deeds. Soon as King Dhanananda got acquainted of it, he ordered his soldiers to cut of the Acharya’s head, which eventually happened. Vishnugupta, was the son of Acharya Chanak, which later known to become Chanakya was helped by one of the ministers in the King’s cabinet named Katyayan, cremated his father’s dead body and was sent to Takshila University (which is the oldest university in the world) with a letter to the dean.

The University comprised of with princes and children of the kings and governors in the world. Young Chanakya, being interviewed by the admissions head of the university, was being probed and asked ” What are the possible means by which a king can settle political disputes?”, the witty and knowledgeable Chanakya replied ” There are four possible methods. Sama- Gentle persuasion and praise; Daama- Monetary incentives; Danda- Punishment or War and Bheda-Intelligence, Propaganda and Disinformation. Amazed by his knowledge and wit, the dean let Chanakya to study in the university and later on he went on to become a professor in Political Science at the university. He, then became the Guru of Chandragupta Maurya, who invaded Magadha and set the kingdom out from the ruins of King Dhanananda, later found the Mauryan Empire.

Chanakya or Kautilya, is known for his undisputed works such as Arthashastra and Neetishastra, which discussed monetary and fiscal policies, international relations and war strategies. The remains of the manuscript was lost near the end of Gupta Dynasty in 5 BC, and which was not rediscovered until 1915. Today, these works are recognized by nations and being implemented as wise thoughts in dealings with economics and international relations. His works are identified as the precursor to Classical economics.

The Modern classical economics developers include Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, John Stuart Mill etc, did not get the privilege to go through the works of Chanakya. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations in 1776 is usually considered to mark the beginning of classical economics, but instead Chanakya’s Arthashastra was the true beginning of classical economics.

More on the views of Chanakya’s works and Arthashastra has been researched and being identified as the birth mark of Classical Economics: ArthaShastra Research Report.

As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. – Chanakya. 


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USA- Breaking the Global Mindset.

Lately, people have been talking, sharing and debating, of to where the world’s superpower is heading to currently and what will make them stand out and make a difference all over again nationally and globally?

There are few mindsets which I have to clear out in determining the US growth rate, they are the following,

1. There is a different way of judging US in terms of Corporate US and Political US.

2. Though the nation is scaling up and has gone to an all time low in 2008-09, the growth rate has increased in terms of employment opportunities, inflation is low, fiscal deficit is less than compared to before and currency rate is higher despite of the roll out.

3. Morover, there are companies which are growing and making record profits like Apple, Google, MasterCard, Nike, MacD, QualComm, CISCO, Ralph Lauren and many more, which have more than 50% revenues from other countries of the world other than US. So, these are companies listed on the global platform for which customers are of great importance.

4. The world has shifted its importance from nations to companies to individuals, and as the way US is progressing it is likely to overcome the bubble which let the banking sector down, which will still take a few years to cope up. Housing sector is slow, and inventories are being re-used from the past years.

5. Education and Research in US has always been the strength of US and its likely to tap sectors like Green Energy, Nanotechnology, Robotic Surgery, Cloud Computing, Satellite Communications, Manufacturing and Biotechnology, which is anyway the sectors of global relevance and innovation for the next 15 years.

The mindset depicts the growth, and US will play a pivotal role in Global Scenario for years to come. Not just because its smart, but knows the right thing to do and its people are of utmost importance.

To judge others, we first have to judge what we are doing. Like the markets, like the countries. 

#Things which I learned from a seminar on US Markets and Economy.

Geese and Team Leadership

From the times of Local Congress and finally discharged from the role I took one year back, played a part and lived the moments. There is one session which was much-needed and the things which I learned last year was portrayed by the Vice Chancellor of Auro University, from his experience. Team Leadership is not a one time thing, but a role vital enough to grow forward. Organizations are not run by individuals, but in synchronization with different people in your team and outside it.

One example, which he gave was that of a fleet of geese flying in sync at the time of migration from one place to another, thousand miles away. The fleet of those geese has a behavior in shape of “V’. Why this shape? What is the significance? And as we find out , the geese collectively are 71% more efficient than a single goose flying. They support each other, and take positions and the leader geese is the one exposed to take maximum air resistance in the front, and as soon he is tired, he goes at the end of the “V” fleet and the one who was behind leads the front complementing each other. They quack, just so that the momentum keeps on going and they could cover the distance more effectively. This is what is with Team Leadership. Individuals are not successful, until they have a successful team to work with. We are a geese in a team, and not the permanent geese. Soon, as one goose is sick and tired and is out of the “V”, the geese who are flying together comes to support him and make a fleet of “V” there.

We talk about leadership and people, but the individuals are not where they are until they are a good team leader. Thus, in human behavior too, this “V” signifies WE and not ME. I believe in it.

People always can have their own stint, but there are other people making what you are and taking you to the pinnacle.

Conventional Wisdom and Technology

Today I witnessed an old man in his seventies passing from the college gate, well-dressed on a cycle. I believe he was one of the professors at our institute. This sight made me realize how unconventional and unadaptive, we the current generation are. And I was in a car.

Today, the technology has progressed leaps and bounds in the last 80 years, where actually in 1932, where first particle accelerator was 23 cms long and today it has grown more than lakh times, with 27 Kms long Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. From the semiconductor devices to the printers to satellites, there has been a large increase in revolutionizing the world, making it more efficient and convenient for the people. But, have we actually lost the power of conventional wisdom in using technology?

We talk about Global warming, extinction of wildlife species, post-effects from nuclear reactors and radiation, earth-crust displacement and what not? But, have we actually thought, it is all because of the rapid increase in science and technology, which are leading to unknown disasters in the future. The sense of nations, companies and individuals taking technology as it comes, is unconventional and its no wisdom. Today, despite of several campaigns we actually don’t contribute towards the nature in a direct way nor spreading the same. The things which can be done, should be done despite of how technologically irrelevant it may sound. Sometimes, the consciousness in needed to work with nature and we cannot neglect the fact that it will be technology instigating wars and natural calamities in the future. If today, there won’t be a general awareness for the same the future will have more Tsunamis and more tornadoes than ever before. And not as a citizen of a nation, we should behave as a human in adapting to technologies and getting out of that comfort zone which we have made for ourselves.

Its time, we stop existing and start living. (One of the recent quotes I read),

Its time to be conventional again and be wise. 

Here’s a video presentation of how technology has changed the behavior.

Fusion of Indian Music.

Music is life. And there is nothing more peaceful than a tune and more philosophical than a song.

There are few good songs which I want to share from the recent series of The Dewarists ( I have started watching, and few links are pasted below.

There is a one interesting website to listen to latest songs from Indian and International Bands.

I love Music.



We, the silent travelers.

Recently, I was in Mumbai for National President’s Meeting of AIESEC in India and the times of the closing terms discussing and planning the BHAG for AIESEC India for 2015. You have to end something and complete the circle until to make a journey worthwhile  and smile till the end. That was the time, I realized I did learn so many things from this student-run organization and it was one phase of my life which I am never going to forget and nothing to regret about. And that’s where the silence begins.

After spending an hour at the golden lights necklace, popularly known as the Marine Drive in Mumbai, I realized that some dreams doesn’t end, but always carries forward with a hope and disambiguate reasoning. Only, there was a high effect of a place, which I came from an hour before. I went to Prithvi Theatres in Mumbai for a play called “The Water Station” which was a two hours muted play from an award-winning Japanese Playwright with just flowing expressions over that aberrant night. The nostalgia and effect of it lasted the whole dark night. The play was about the power of silence. The play started with a lady slowly and slyly walking towards the water tap, and the water tipping was the only sound heard. It took seven minutes for that lady to come to water tap for quenching her thirst. And then followed the other 18 travelers from different walks of life to that water station with a purpose, which was love, hate, thirst, longing, fear and then finally leave. And that is exactly, what the purpose of life is. We are the travelers. There are always multiple journeys we belong to and make memories around it. This play had a long-lasting effect on my thoughts, which dove me into a philosophical pool.

Just so we know, humans talk for about average of 2 hours in a day and other time of the day we are always silent, sometimes from within. That means, 90% of our life is spend in silence and that is where power comes from. We come, meet, create, mate and then ultimately leave with that silence in us always. And that is the fact which people spend their lifetime realizing it until their deathbed. And that is where I understood how journeys are made and beliefs captured.

Just when I realized, I have played my part in something which I joined when I was 18 ended up being the president of the local chapter of AIESEC, I realized it was end of a journey worthwhile and we are the travelers lived with different emotions. Ultimately, the experience is what it matters and not the outcome. We are all survived travelers until we reach our destination.

With that note, a smile is all what is needed. To leave. To stand up. To pack the bags. To reach new places. And discover new dimensions. We have to believe it, silence is not just peace, but progress.