World is an Ellipse

After listening to Thomas L Friedmann at MITOpenCourseWare, and the book I am reading “The World is Flat” authored by same, I have made a strong set of inferences on Globalization and its psychological setbacks.
I am contemplative in my approach and sense the roots if not by understanding it and my senses are inversely proportional to my understanding.
Globalization: globalize |ˈglōbəˌlīz| – develop or be developed so as to make possible international influence or operation.

I am strongly affirmative in the approach of Globalization and the way it is accepted by the masses in all the fields. But, one question pops in my mind is world really going flat? Or changing its shape? Or it is just the metaphor for changing times?

I remember the time I took my admission in the university, I met this old professor (though young at heart), and he told me whilst making me understand of how to why I should choose science “Science is horizontal and everything else is vertical” (*Religion excluded)- Not a Richard Dawkins Fan. And this struck my chords of understanding science and technology, the way it is shaping up socially.

One example of Hardcore Globalization is a small doted country Singapore and it has accepted the foreign nationals and investment ranging from technology, manufacturing, finance, consultancy services, tourism etc. and what not. It’s a truly globalized work-place.

I just sum up my understanding of Globalization and its changing social psychology through the set of words written below, and the actual meaning lies between the words.

The poem goes as follows,


From the fall of the wall,
Till the dot com bust,
In this world-run stall,
I see people sharing the pizza crust.

From the silicon web and the brains,
Algorithms open to the mains,
Flow of work on easy lanes,
I see the bubble of poverty still remains.

The two-Liberal and Outsource,
Words that make a difference,
In this growing economic force,
I see it leading steroids and freelance.

The information age as we know,
From the chips, to those urbanscapes,
Building laws in the snow,
I see sharing in the open-source grapes.

Flattners and the nine-eleven,
But the perception still remains,
Crisis in the circle,
And I see the world striving for jobs and grains.

Technology, Innovation and Globalization,
From the research of a nation,
Resurrecting the comfort zone,
I see horizontal is the next social motion.

The world is going flat,
Through the convergences and collaborations,
And there are lives on strike,
To make a corrupt-free nation.

Is the world indeed going flat,
Or turning ellipse?
Time will come,
And as the generation say,
What comes around, goes around.