Monkey effects and Time Travel.

“Monkey responds to incentives and experts are human”.
From the evolution in the past, we knew that humans were generated from the apes and this fourth dimension came far away. “Time”, which is already passing by parallel to the existence. This is one real stuff which is not in anyone’s hands, not even natures’.
We have been constantly changing and growing, no matter if we intend to or not and so is the generation, the economy, the people and the culture. This is one evolution in generation (Corresponds to time)- GenNEXT as we say.

The Hundredth Monkey Effect in one phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached and this creates a generation. The information-age generation. Until we reach the population inversion (Term in Physics). Thus, monkey effect is one which a string of events happen with time and the parameters of context here are mentioned above.

We just learned that Standard & Poor, the credit rating firm, downgraded US from AAA to AA+, which is one of the financial setback in the history of US since 1917. Now, if we look at this situation as something more lateral, the co-relation between the govt. and the firm is quite sensed. If the devaluation of the currency is done(which will give a push to the exports of the country), it will affect the socio-economic norms of the country is affected and the results will be witnessed in 5 years of minimum time. Hence, not implemented, as US Govt. Elections coming soon. It cannot be an event, US cannot afford it. This is one recent example as to how monkey effect links to finance and economy.

Moreover, now we are passing through the age of NASA and ISRO, where the space explorers are trying to reach the future. The time-travel phenomena. And as we know, time can’t exist without space, and space can’t exist without time. We need to go through the Einstein’s general theory of relativity for detail. But, as we know about Black-holes are regions in space, from which nothing can escape, not even light. If we circle this black-hole for a while (without falling in) and we can experience time at half the earth’s rate. In other words, you’d round out a five-year journey to discover an entire decade had passed on earth. This shows, if there is a generation in the future, the hundredth monkey effect then will change all the parameters and the world will be highly mechanical and full of machines. Monkey effect links to space technology.

Thus, one thing which I surpass in this discussion, is that time is changing the attitude of a human, we go in the past or in the future, the string of events will be showing up and this will make up to the lost origin and culture. The last revolution may-be. Population is not revolution, its evolution.
” Follow time, and let time not follow you”. Psychologically and mentally.