Challenge Zero Concept.

The more you make yourself lively and not compromise on quality of your liveliness, the world is a better place to live in.

Recently, I started working as an intern in one of the top ten largest companies in India named Larsen and Toubro. The time I entered in the premises of the big manufacturing unit, I realized some companies are just not made out of curiosity and capital, but have grown to a level from dedication and innovation. The company which was on the verge of going down in 2005, has risen to such an extent, an onlooker can possibly imagine. This is what I call Challenge Zero Concept.

From making bottle caps to reactors, the way it has progressed like cats and dogs in the recent times. From the time it started with one company, the company will now be listed as 11 variable subordinate companies relating to different sectors from Finance to Power to Fabrication Systems.

This is one example I will like to give, the ones who believed and implemented the Challenge Zero Concept which is psychology of a company. During the tough times back then in 2005, the unity of the will in the officials and engineers was strong enough to hold everything back and manifold 1000 times in the next 10 years.

The certain psychology is that the people challenged themselves at the zero level where there is a strong thought of backing out as of the job security and they then achieved greatness through hard-work and quality manufacturing. The company so concerned about change and innovation which brings them to the level they are now. The Challenge Zero was accepted and fulfilled.

As Zero was identified before the idea of negative things below zero was accepted, same way before something negative was accepted, the idea from zero was originated and we can imagine how we can do without zero. So, life is the same too. Zero Expectations, Zero Complaints and Many Emotions. This emotions are strongly backed by our will, honesty and dedication of reaching good to great.
The psychology is not just mind economics, but dynamics of the surroundings around those emotions. The employees of L&T has one of the finest dynamics, and Any Time Learning Concept is introduced to handle the change management and to manage The Tipping Point.

Life taken like that, is well worth of the change which certainly must follow with power to survive and Challenge the Zero (Voids) in our life.