Randomness 1.0

Yes, how many times can a man turn his head,

Pretending he just doesn’t see?,

The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind,

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

–       Bob Dylan.

And when we see the world go down in that financial crisis and the country of less than half a million heads with polar meltdowns due to global warming (as they say) read Iceland, facing a debt of 100 billion dollars, there we question the current superpower with 51 states. There was a time of sudden effect of a meltdown in the financial global market, during The Great Depression preceding the World War 2 era, with that unemployment ratio of 25% itself in the States and more than 30% in other cities. While India was itself facing the other Great Depression of being sabotaged and crippled by the rule of British post the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre in the 1919 and the rise of the Non-cooperation movement led by MK Gandhi from 1920-22 was a significant phase in the history of India’s independence. No financial crisis were then part of India’s economy and we still submerged as a financial probity in recent recession.

Though we are a part of huge scams starting from Bofors which scaled up to 400$ million then back in the 80’s and then to the recent launderer Hassan Ali and allegedly the fourth richest man in India, whose tax liabilities are more than 50,000 Cr INR, are all exposed but unaltered. In between, those scams ranging from the aftermath losers A. Raja, Ramalinga Raju and Suresh Kalmadi respectively for 2G Spectrum Scam, the Satyam Scam and the Commonwealth games scam unsheltered India to the world. This shows how an epic follower country is already been forged into an EPIC of its own ethics and moral leadership.  And we managed to survive at eleventh largest GDP in the world and fourth largest in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). Thanks to Congress and the queen driving the Master of Finance Santa. No sarcasm intended.

Henceforth, India has been the largest of the democracies in the world and those opportunists creating Bharat Nav Nirman Sena and supporting India against Corruption, which was duly hyped by our own media, it’s a cycle of Power tryst with destiny in time.

All hail the laws.

A GDP of 14 trillion US Dollars is a no kid gung-ho, though the economically down submerged, the government has just recently produced some 1,50,000 employment opportunities and they have been known in the history of time in proving world a point by either certain set of marked events injecting social setbacks and reforming idealism. And to reach the stage, we Indians have a lot to achieve in the coming years, and the exponentially growing graph of PPP in India shows that if we go by this rate and the impossibility of US economy to be stagnant (if that happens, next to impossible), India can still manage to break through half of the GDP then the US.

The only good thing about recession that it cures Inflation “.

Well, I’ll come on that in the next one.

World is indeed a loophole of unproven economics and shocker trends in events.

Oh, India and US are sailing in the same boat.